Camino Health
Biometrics and Algorithm-Driven Health and Nutrition Startup
2012 - 2013

UX Architecture and App Design, Platform Visualization, Branding and Graphic Identity, and Provisional Patent by Jim Leftwich, IDSA - Orbit Interaction

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Camino Health Logo Specification

Brand Mark Embodiments


Provisional Patent Drawings

w@y™ App UX Wireframe

w@y™ App User Settings

w@y™ App Daily Weight & Activity Inputs

w@y™ App Daily
Needs & Limits

w@y™ App Weight Chart (3 Month View)

w@y™ App
Family User Profiles

w@y™ App
Meal Selection

w@y App
Meal Items

w@y App Calculated
Portion Weighing

Camino Health w@y™ System Infographic


Camino Health w@y™ Inputs Infographic


Camino Health w@y™ "Key" Model Infographic


Camino Health w@y™ Calculation Infographic

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